Q&A on Career Paths

What is the right career path for me?

A big part of finding an internship is interpreting or understanding the career path you want to take. By knowing your career aspirations you can narrow down internships by company and what the internships consists of. But, like most things knowing what career you see yourself in fifteen years down the road can be difficult. Fortunately, we got to catch up with a college student that recently sat in on TEDx Talks, a program that spreads ideas and experience through public speaking where they discussed how to pick a career you love. Damaria Joyner, a rising sophomore at Delaware State University, talked to us about a TEDx Talks that discussed finding a career you love.

What interested you about TEDx Talks and the speaker?

  • Well, I didn’t know who was speaking or the topic but I had been following TEDx Talks for awhile on social media and when I heard they were coming to DSU I was like I’m definitely gonna go.

What did you find useful about what the speaker said about choosing a career path?

  • He really elaborated on taking your time choosing your major and how much thought you should really give it.

Have you used this to help you find an internship or will you?

  • I haven’t applied for any internships but now I can use this to help me.

Do you believe you’re in the correct major?

  • I do, criminal justice is right for me. I’m genuinely interested in the major and what it requires me to do.

In closing finding your career path will be a major help in finding a great internship. Also taking time to choose your major will aid you in both. So students, take your TIME and maybe attend a TEDX Talks 🙂


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