5 Most Interesting Internships in the Country!!

Here at InternshipsDSU we established internships are necessary and probably your best bet at securing a good job in this competitive market. But, not all have to be the standard, office-fetch coffee-business attire- repeat, kinda thing. There are internships that are super informative and experience worthwhile and extremely fun! We have created a list of the FIVE most fun internships-according to us of course, in no order! This list contains weird, strange jobs but they are completely cool. So let’s have a look!

days of our lives

  1. Days of Our Lives Internship

Super obsessed with Cameron and can’t get enough of his dreamy eyes on your favorite soap? Look no further Day of Our Lives actually offers an unpaid internship to work closely with the show. You would be handling cast contracts, and working in production!

witch house.jpg

  1. The Witch House

Do you feel you are the next supreme? Feeling some powers you want to explore? (AHS reference) Well Salem, Massachusetts might be your last stop. Experience the house of horrors first hand with this internship were you will be helping with tours and the history of the notorious place.

funeral homes.jpg

  1. Funeral Homes

Do you have a sixth sense or can you see dead people? If not you can still work with them. Many Funeral homes offer internship positions, paid and unpaid, were you will assist in cleaning dead bodies and preparing them for their funeral.

young jeezy.jpg

  1. Young Jeezy’s Dj

Hip Hop won’t die, and neither will your career if you work for rap star, Young Jeezy’s, DJ. It promises hands on work in the industry and producing music. Not to mention the exciting day-today that comes with living the life of a celebrity, or celebrity’s DJ.

ellen show

  1. The Ellen Degeneres Show

Yes, you did read that right! You can work on the set of the hit show Ellen, with comedian and personality, doing whatever. The application comes with no specific job actions or requirement in true Ellen-like fashion, but guarantees whatever you do- it’ll be a blast!


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