How This Beauty Guru landed her Dream Internship

I was ten when I watched the ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ and fell in love with the portrayal of fast-paced, bright lights, New York City. Instantly, I was sure I wanted to be a fashionista working for the biggest company in the industry with the city at full view. This is a dream for many girls and one girl has made it her reality.

“Don’t get disheartened,”

Says the 20 year old, make-up guru and YouTube personality Jess Ratchford who recently landed her dream internship at make-up company SMASHBOX Cosmetics. “Email plenty of companies and, don’t exclude the smaller ones” Jess explained her strategy of getting the internship, and says it was more than her YouTube celebrity. Jess is a fashion merchandising major at university and has a fabulous hobby: making beauty, fashion, and lifestyle videos on her channel JDRMakeUp. With 17,000 subscribers and over 1 million views, one would think she could walk right through the door of any company she pleased and get a rockin’ internship – but that wasn’t the case.

When Jess decided to she wanted hands-on merchandising experience in the fashion industry she set out by emailing upwards of 60 companies and only one responded – with a no. “It was pretty discouraging but, I didn’t let that stop me.” Jess then went on to emailing 100 companies a week and soon enough she had a bite. SMASHBOX Cosmetics reached back to her and asked for a portfolio and resume. This is where your experience and background comes in, “You have to show them you have a passion for what you applying for, if on your resume it says you worked at a mechanics shop, you probably won’t get it”

Finally, the commitment part of everything. Jess drove an hour to London everyday for her internship, which is about an hour away from her home. “You have to really want the job and be willing to put in the extra work for your dream.” Jess also shared an amazing website called Fashion Workie, which is an internship search – with all beauty, and fashion related jobs. Also, has you guys have learned here at this blog, Jess noted the importance of doing the extra work to search for relevant job for you and tailoring your resume to suit each employer!

“Don’t expect anything to fall in your lap!”



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