There’s Never a Right Time to SAY Goodbye…

This will be a hard goodbye… Internships@DSU is closing. It has been a wonderful semester with all my viewers, sharing with you all about internships. From the tips and tricks to the success stories and everything in between I hope you found my frequent blog posts helpful and were able to put them to good use! I especially loved the feedback! Also, this blog will stay on, so feel free to go back for references. Special thanks to my featured participants: Ryane Cheatame, Damaria Joyner, and Angola Henri. Remember to check out Career Services for additional questions.

“Life is a journey with problems to solve, lessons to learn, but most of all, experiences to enjoy”




5 Most Interesting Internships in the Country!!

Here at InternshipsDSU we established internships are necessary and probably your best bet at securing a good job in this competitive market. But, not all have to be the standard, office-fetch coffee-business attire- repeat, kinda thing. There are internships that are super informative and experience worthwhile and extremely fun! We have created a list of the FIVE most fun internships-according to us of course, in no order! This list contains weird, strange jobs but they are completely cool. So let’s have a look!

days of our lives

  1. Days of Our Lives Internship

Super obsessed with Cameron and can’t get enough of his dreamy eyes on your favorite soap? Look no further Day of Our Lives actually offers an unpaid internship to work closely with the show. You would be handling cast contracts, and working in production!

witch house.jpg

  1. The Witch House

Do you feel you are the next supreme? Feeling some powers you want to explore? (AHS reference) Well Salem, Massachusetts might be your last stop. Experience the house of horrors first hand with this internship were you will be helping with tours and the history of the notorious place.

funeral homes.jpg

  1. Funeral Homes

Do you have a sixth sense or can you see dead people? If not you can still work with them. Many Funeral homes offer internship positions, paid and unpaid, were you will assist in cleaning dead bodies and preparing them for their funeral.

young jeezy.jpg

  1. Young Jeezy’s Dj

Hip Hop won’t die, and neither will your career if you work for rap star, Young Jeezy’s, DJ. It promises hands on work in the industry and producing music. Not to mention the exciting day-today that comes with living the life of a celebrity, or celebrity’s DJ.

ellen show

  1. The Ellen Degeneres Show

Yes, you did read that right! You can work on the set of the hit show Ellen, with comedian and personality, doing whatever. The application comes with no specific job actions or requirement in true Ellen-like fashion, but guarantees whatever you do- it’ll be a blast!

Q&A on Career Paths

What is the right career path for me?

A big part of finding an internship is interpreting or understanding the career path you want to take. By knowing your career aspirations you can narrow down internships by company and what the internships consists of. But, like most things knowing what career you see yourself in fifteen years down the road can be difficult. Fortunately, we got to catch up with a college student that recently sat in on TEDx Talks, a program that spreads ideas and experience through public speaking where they discussed how to pick a career you love. Damaria Joyner, a rising sophomore at Delaware State University, talked to us about a TEDx Talks that discussed finding a career you love.

What interested you about TEDx Talks and the speaker?

  • Well, I didn’t know who was speaking or the topic but I had been following TEDx Talks for awhile on social media and when I heard they were coming to DSU I was like I’m definitely gonna go.

What did you find useful about what the speaker said about choosing a career path?

  • He really elaborated on taking your time choosing your major and how much thought you should really give it.

Have you used this to help you find an internship or will you?

  • I haven’t applied for any internships but now I can use this to help me.

Do you believe you’re in the correct major?

  • I do, criminal justice is right for me. I’m genuinely interested in the major and what it requires me to do.

In closing finding your career path will be a major help in finding a great internship. Also taking time to choose your major will aid you in both. So students, take your TIME and maybe attend a TEDX Talks 🙂

How This Beauty Guru landed her Dream Internship

I was ten when I watched the ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ and fell in love with the portrayal of fast-paced, bright lights, New York City. Instantly, I was sure I wanted to be a fashionista working for the biggest company in the industry with the city at full view. This is a dream for many girls and one girl has made it her reality.

“Don’t get disheartened,”

Says the 20 year old, make-up guru and YouTube personality Jess Ratchford who recently landed her dream internship at make-up company SMASHBOX Cosmetics. “Email plenty of companies and, don’t exclude the smaller ones” Jess explained her strategy of getting the internship, and says it was more than her YouTube celebrity. Jess is a fashion merchandising major at university and has a fabulous hobby: making beauty, fashion, and lifestyle videos on her channel JDRMakeUp. With 17,000 subscribers and over 1 million views, one would think she could walk right through the door of any company she pleased and get a rockin’ internship – but that wasn’t the case.

When Jess decided to she wanted hands-on merchandising experience in the fashion industry she set out by emailing upwards of 60 companies and only one responded – with a no. “It was pretty discouraging but, I didn’t let that stop me.” Jess then went on to emailing 100 companies a week and soon enough she had a bite. SMASHBOX Cosmetics reached back to her and asked for a portfolio and resume. This is where your experience and background comes in, “You have to show them you have a passion for what you applying for, if on your resume it says you worked at a mechanics shop, you probably won’t get it”

Finally, the commitment part of everything. Jess drove an hour to London everyday for her internship, which is about an hour away from her home. “You have to really want the job and be willing to put in the extra work for your dream.” Jess also shared an amazing website called Fashion Workie, which is an internship search – with all beauty, and fashion related jobs. Also, has you guys have learned here at this blog, Jess noted the importance of doing the extra work to search for relevant job for you and tailoring your resume to suit each employer!

“Don’t expect anything to fall in your lap!”


Hornet Newpaper Special: Internship Listing

Many students have no clue where to start on their internship, but one of the easier places to look is your student email! Everyone should know how to access their student email, but if you don’t I’m here to help! Your student email is your first and middle initial, then your last name, followed by Once you’re in the email it’s easy from there (even though I included an instructional video on how to get there).

Robert Wrease, DSU’s Internship Coordinator sends out mass emails to all students on a bi-weekly basis. The internship listing is very broad with a variety of opportunities, and you are certain to find one that peaks your interest.

The latest listing went out April 14, and included opportunities from companies such as the Washington Wizards, Philadelphia 76ers, Dupont, Wells Fargo, Enterprise, Johnson & Johnson and many more! The internships suit a variety of majors and some even offer salaries. The listing can also be found online at career-services. If you have additional question you can always reach Robert Wrease at

5 Tips on How to Dress for an Interview

You did it! You made it to the second major step of the internship process: securing an interview. If your well-tailored resume that you created at career services has impressed the right people, then you probably have scheduled an interview with a potential internship employer. Congratulations!

But, now leads you into new territory and this step can make or break you. There’s a lot you need to prepare for before you the big day but today we will help you with what to wear!

“Your clothes can influence your chances of landing a job”.

Here are 5 Tips to Properly Dress for an Interview

  1. Dress Appropriately
  • Interview attire is seen as a test of the candidate’s familiarity with the company and industry. If you are applying to a corporate type of internship, it’s best to wear business attire. If you are applying to something more liberal like a stylist, you should dress to show style which you might not want to stick to the strict rules of a business
  1. Less is more
  • When dressing for whatever internship it is important that what you wear doesn’t distract potential employers from You! Try to avoid gaudy jewelry, dramatic makeup, or too much cologne. Don’t give employers anything else to focus on other than what you have to offer them.
  1. The Company is your friend
  • Research the company and find out what’s expected. The company is your friend and will be able to tell you everything you need to know. Contacting the Human Resources department should be a good start!
  1. Ensure your clothes are clean and pressed
  • Once you have to perfect outfit and accessories, you’re good to go. But not before you make sure everything is cleaned and ironed. If your clothes are very fragile you could even consider dry-cleaning!
  1. Better overdressed than too casual!
  • Understanding the setting of the company can be difficult at times. It is important to remember that being overdressed is better than being under-dressed. Air on the side of caution and dress it up!
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