A Conversation on Networking, Preparation, and Strategy with Ryan Cheatame

“Preparation is key!” Ryane Cheatame made sure to emphasize during our talk.

If you don’t know who Ryane Cheatame is you need to run over to MLK’s student center where career services is located on the third floor, ASAP. Ms. Cheatame is a career coach here at DSU and will be your saving grace when it comes to internship and career questions. Specializing in fixing resumes and planning our career fairs, she also assists students in preparing for the internship process.

Ms. Cheatame explained why acquiring an internship is beneficial to you, “workplace experience, introducing several opportunities,and thirdly developing lasting relations.” in fewer words you need an internship! Ms. Cheatame also enlightened me on the most common mistakes students make is neglecting the planning and preparation element. It is imperative to complete the amount of necessary steps that goes into finding and securing an internship.

First things first, you must develop a resume. After that, its a great idea to get it tailored by a professional, such as Ms. Cheatame, they can fix mistakes that you probably wouldn’t notice. Then look for specific positions that suit you and your goals and target the top organizations and companies. Practice interviewing with mock interviews and get connected with a recruiter, a middle man between you and a company can boost your chances of success. The best part of knowing this information was finding out that all of this is available to you at career services.

Ms. Cheatame expressed again, ” Preparation is essential. Understand where it starts and don’t just apply, take your time and be strategic.”