College Student Lands Great internship, and Spills the Tea


A lot of times the internet is useless. Especially when searching for broad topics. Internships can be hard to find for some people. Going online is a common way to search for internships, but the vast amount of sites and actual internships can make it impossible to find internships that satisfy ones needs.

Luckily, one does not have to rely solely on the use of the internet. There are contacts like, Delaware State University’s Career services that connect you directly to the internships you’re looking for. Another exceptional and often overlooked way to locate internships is through word of mouth. Ask friends and family for internships that suit you.

DSU freshman Angnola Henri did and landed a valuable internship with Mayor Angela Garretson at the local Municipal Court in Hillside New Jersey.

“I worked in the Finance Department, treasury office to be exact. I was tasked with counting cash, printing checks, and handling requisitions.” said Henri. “It was the most exciting job but it paid well and was good experience.”

When asked how the internship had helped her in her academic career she explained,

“Experience. It was definitely an opportunity to expand my resume.”

Henri explained if the internship particularly helped her in her major: Business Administration saying,

“I specifically learned business etiquette: how to dress, speak and behave in a workplace setting which is definitely something I need for my career.”

In closing, Henri was asked about advice she would give to other college students looking for or currently interning.

“Take full advantage of the experience, what you learn, and who you meet. Internships put you directly with professionals that you are aspiring to be.”


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